Common Code Violations

Storage of Junk, Trash, Debris and Other Materials 

  • It is a violation of Village Code to store any unauthorized accumulation of junk, construction debris, garbage, horticulture material, refuse, discarded or unused objects, or equipment, including but not limited to furniture, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, tires, cans or containers. 

Overgrowth of Grass, Weeds, and Landscaping

  • It is a Village code violation to allow grass or weeds in excess of 10 inches in height from the ground up on any property. 

Parking of vehicles on unapproved surfaces

  • It is a code violation to park or store vehicles, recreational vehicles or trailers on the front lawn. Off-street parking is only permitted on approved hard and dustless surfaces (meaning your driveway only). 

Junk and Abandoned Vehicles 

  • The Storage of any wrecked, dismantled, partially dismantled or inoperable vehicle is prohibited. A vehicle is considered to be inoperable if it is stored or parked without having all wheels mounted with all tires inflated, or if it has an expired license tag.

 Trees encroaching into Neighbor's yard

  • It is the property owner's or tenant's responsibility to maintain their trees so as not to encroach upon any adjacent property without permission from the property owner. 

Storage of items and materials in the front yard (in plain view)

  • It is prohibited to store items, materials, or other objects in the front yard of a residential dwelling. Storage containers in the front yard are also prohibited.

Building Permits

  • Permits are required for most interior. exterior renovations, any remodeling, installation of fencing, windows, shutters, doors, sheds and additions to an existing home. 

Bulk Trash & Landscape Debris

  • Bulk trash, grass and tree clippings are to be placed at curbside for collection prior to 7:00 a.m. the morning of collection. Bulk trash is not allowed to be placed on curbside more than 24 hours from collection time. Bulk and regular garbage should not be placed together in one pile. 

Building Exterior Maintenance 

  • It is a violation to maintain a property in a state of disrepair. All walls, windows, doors, roofing elements, fences as well as decorative and structural elements must be kept in a good state of repair. 

Commercial vehicles parked in residential areas

  • No commercial vehicles higher than nine (9) feet and longer than twenty (20) feet and commercial vehicles that have equipment stored on it (ladders or other attachments) which exceed the height of the highest point on the vehicle by more than two feet are allowed. Commercial vehicles must be parked on a paved driveway or a parking space. 

Sidewalks, Driveways, Connections, and Swales 

  • Although the approach in front of your property is on the Village's right-of-way, it is the duty of the owner to maintain the swale in good condition and to repair the paved driveway connection when needed. 

A brochure including further information, and specific examples of violations, is included below. For more information on the Village Codes, please contact the Community and Economic Development Department and speak with Ms. Althea Jefferson, AICP, Community and Economic Development Department by calling 772-597-8269.