US Foreign Trade Zone

INDIANTOWN IS CONNECTED TO THE NEIGHBORING PORT of Palm Beach by road and railroad. Companies (e.g., manufacturing, storage, and assembly) can take advantage of the Port’s Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) extending into Martin County. 

Indiantown is connected to world markets through multinational supply chains, like so many internationally integrated companies today.

 “The Port of Palm Beach, as the backbone and Grantee to FTZ #135, has offered companies millions of dollars in savings through duty relief or duty deferment since 1987.”  And is committed to “… seamlessly accommodate your company’s needs … [throughout Martin County].” [1]

Using the “Alternative Site Framework,” your business can save time and gain certainty to obtain FTZ designation and save money.

Advantages [2] include:

  • Expedited Customs
  • Savings on Loss of Inventory
  • Labor Savings
  • Insurance Savings

More specific application details and rules are here:


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