Village Clerk


Services Provided:
The Office of the Village Clerk is responsible for providing complex legislative administration, Council meeting and Special Magistrate Hearing management, records management, public records request services, legal advertising management, codification and supplementation management, meeting audio/visual services, procurement management, election administration, human resources administration, notary services, and Council support services.

The Village Clerk serves as the Municipal Supervisor of Elections, Records Management Liaison Officer, and Financial Disclosure Coordinator.  The Village Clerk also maintains the Village's Governing Documents, maintains custody of the Village seal, administers oaths, and attests to official documents.

The Office of the Village Clerk is the custodian of Public Records for the Village of Indiantown, and all the respective departments per F.S. 119.12. (Chapter 119 F.S., Effective July 1, 2016).

Village Clerk
(772) 597-8294
Administrative Assistant
(772) 597-8270

15516 SW Osceola Street, Suite B
PO Box 398
Indiantown, FL 34956
United States

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