Village Elections

All municipal (Village-Level) elections shall be conducted on a non-partisan basis without designation of political party affiliation.  Any person who is a resident of the village, is qualified to vote by the State of Florida and who is registered with the Martin County Supervisor of Elections' Office may vote in any municipal election.  Polls are open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Regular General Elections:

Regular municipal general elections are held 10 weeks before the date of the November general election on even-numbered years, unless this date is required to be changed to a date concurrent with any countywide or statewide election.  In 2020, two (2) council seats were up for election.  In 2022, the other three (3) council seats were up.  The number of seats up for election will then alternate bi-annually following this schedule. 

Special Elections:

The Village also has the option of conducting special elections for items such as referenda questions and filing vacancies in office.  

For Information on Registering to Vote, Where to Vote or How to Vote:

Please contact the Martin County Supervisor of Elections’ Office at: elections [at] () or visit:  To access the County's Precinct Finder, click here.

For Information on Running for Office, Ballot Questions or Candidate Records:

Please contact Village Clerk LaRhonda McBride at: lmcbride [at]