Base Facility Charges

What is a "Base Facility Charge" and why is it needed?

A Base Facility Charge is a fixed monthly charge for service availability based on the current rate schedule, which does not include usage for any amount of water. In order for water to flow from the tap or sewage to be removed from the served property, the Village incurs certain fixed and non-variable cost including infrastructure such as plant, piping and pump stations, personnel to operate and maintain these, and other costs that continue whether there is water consumption at a given moment or not.

Once you have connected to Village facilities, we begin collecting your share of those fixed and non-variable costs in the form of either capacity reservation (pre-connection) or base facility (post-connection), fixed charges. The continuous payment of these charges reserves your continued access to water and wastewater services. Operating and maintaining the system by which water & wastewater is provided is essential to giving you service on demand. Unlike variable costs as (power and treatment chemicals) fixed costs do not increase or diminish with varying consumption. Instead, monthly base facility charges must accrue whether there is water consumption or not, as long as capacity is held in reserve for customers.

NOTE: When your account is classified as inactive, all charges including any Base Facility Charges that accrue while the property is unoccupied or while service is interrupted, must be paid before service can be activated.

If you have questions regarding this charge, please contact Customer Service 772-597-2121.