Reading the Water Meter

How to Read Your Meter

Some customers like to keep tabs on how much water they are using. Most water meters are located in a concrete box/pit and usually have a concrete or metal lid. The boxes/pits are usually located in front, at the side, or directly behind your house/business.

The meter face is referred to as the register. The water usage is recorded and shown on the meter register in thousands of gallons. Your water usage is calculated by subtracting the previous month's reading from the present reading. The 0 at the far right of the meter register is stationary. Only the 1000's are read for billing.

The meter is read left to right:

5/8" meter, first four digits

3/4" meter, first four digits

1" meter, first four digits

1.5” meter, first four digits

2” meter, first two digits

3” meter, first two digits

4” meter, first two digits

6” meter, first digit

8” meter, first digit

Carry Figure

When the meter has reached the reading 999,999, it will return to 000,000, similar to the odometer on a car. An additional figure at the far left is added to your bill and indicates that the meter register has completed another full revolution.