Service/Deposit Charges

There are times when you will be billed a service charge or a deposit fee due to certain costs that are related directly to your situation. You are required to pay these types of charges when, for example:

  1. You start new service.
  2. Your meter is turned off for non-payment.
  3. You have your service reinstated after it has been turned off at your request for your convenience (i.e., you have gone away on vacation etc.).
  4. You request a bench test on the meter and it is found to be accurate.
  5. You transfer service from one location to another within our service area.
  6. Your bank does not honor your check or electronic payment.

Current Deposit Rates:

Deposits will be applied to your account after 24 consecutive on-time payments. Upon discontinuation of service any deposit on file will be applied to the account; any remaining credit balance will be refunded to your account within 90 days. Deposit is non-transferable.

Residential: Water $60 Wastewater $80

Commercial: Water $125 to $375, determined on a case by case basis;  Wastewater $165 up to $450

Current Service Charges:

Residential: Connect Charge $50

Commercial: Connect Charge $50